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Shops, Garages, & Sheds

    From large 40'X60' shops to even a 10'X16' backyard shed, we are happy to consider your building and willing to work with your budget. 


     We can act as general contractor for the entire project, or complete only a portion of it, such such as framing, siding, roofing, etc.

     We are also open to constructing 

building packages that a customer  purchased from a local lumber store such as Menards.


 We offer three main framing options: SIP, stick frame, and post frame. Our most common is stick framed.

Reasons to Build

Thinking about building a garage? Here are some reasons we discovered why you should...

1. One of our customer mention that his new garage will add more value to his property than the cost to build. This is because of our next two reasons...
2. Our customer said he pays a significant amount to store his camper and boat. So instead of losing that money to rent he thought why not invest it in a garage conveniently located in his backyard.
3. As we all know, ND winters are tough! With temperatures struggling to rise above 0 and cabin fever setting in, people are looking for a place to work on their hobbies.

Many reasons exist. Can you think of some? Think about building a garage this summer, and when you do think of Ryezon Construction!

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